Tamil Nadu Crisis - A Lesson for Chandrababu Naidu!The Tamil Nadu Crisis seems to be never ending. Last night, AIADMK Palaniswami Faction has suspended Sasikala and TTV Dinakaran from the party. These are the same people who are routing for Sasikala two months ago. But then, there are some 10 MLAs supporting Dinakaran with whom he can easily topple the government.

Palaniswami will need O Paneerselvam’s help to avert the crisis but then OPS wants himself to be in the CM seat. So, there is a deadlock all over and as well as an impending danger of the state going for snap polls. All this boils down to the fact that lack of secondary leadership leads to this crisis.

Regional Parties including TDP which strike on Single Leader Charisma will have to face this sometime other if the secondary leadership is not allowed to emerge. When a crisis like AIADMK occurs, there is every chance that every leader in the party will try to become the next Supremo.

Naidu seems to have realized that and may have brought Lokesh to fit the bill. But then, Lokesh seems to be too novice to get to the standards set by Chandrababu and has to go a long way. In all probability, he should be ready for 2024 Elections. At the same time, KCR already has too many contenders.