Talk: Junior Surprises With Political MaturityYSR Congress has unleashed a massive tirade against Junior NTR for not appreciating the Government for naming Machilipatnam Parliamentary constituency after Late NT Ramarao. He was criticized, vilified, and abused for not speaking in favor of the Government.

But NTR maintained silence on the issue. The actor’s silence has answered many indirectly. There were political opponents of TDP who are always waiting to utilize the gap between NTR and TDP leadership. Even the film fans were divided taking sides.

A new section of fans has cropped calling themselves Only NTR fans. They abuse the party and Nandamuri family for one reason or the other. Some of these people are supporters of the YSR Congress. A few of them are natural YSR Congress supporters and some support the party out of hatred due to these circumstances.

There are answers for the political opponents and these people in NTR’s silence. He sent a strong message that his loyalty lies with the party founded by his grandfather and he can not be a pawn in anyone’s political game. At the same time, there is a section in TDP and Nandamuri fans who always suspect NTR’s commitment to TDP.

They are also answered in style. Political experts haul the maturity of NTR in handling the situation with excellent precision.