Talk About Syrian Crisis, Jagan Will Still Bring Chandrababu Naidu into It SomehowOpposition Leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released a Thirteen Lines Statement about Karnataka Issue the last night. If we think he responded in detail about the Political Crisis in the neighboring state. Only half a line is about his comment on Karnataka.

Jagan said, “Karnataka Episode is Over and Constitution has won”. The Opposition Leader dedicated the rest of the Twelve and a half lines to his favorite subject i.e., blaming Chandrababu Naidu. He mentioned about the defections and Vote for Note Case.

He gave a clean chit to BJP for not resorting to Horse Trading even though it is evident through the leaked audio tapes that BJP tried it but backed off after it failed to attract the MLAs from the other camps. He called for the Democrats, Constitutional Experts, and Media to concentrate on Chandrababu at least for now.

Even Jagan fans could not stop wondering when the Opposition Leader will stop dragging Chandrababu in every issue which will showcase their leader in a poor light. But that is how Jagan operates and we always know it is hard for him to resist the temptation to attack Chandrababu who denied him power in 2014.