Chandrababu naidu KCRJune 2nd is important to both the Telugu States in their own way. On one side, celebrations have touched the tops and the other side, is still seething in anger and determined to over come the issues. Both the Chief Ministers have addressed their state people almost at the same time on this occasion. Both the speeches are contrastingly different but have a peculiar similarity.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao alleged discrimination towards Telangana during the United State and went on to say, Andhra Pradesh government is trying to peg back Telangana even now, as he is leading the state in all fronts at jet speed. On the other side, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister foul-cries about how the bifurcation happened with out the consent of AP.

Both the CMs have only arrived at a common ground when they said they are trying best for the respective states despite the challenges. As the speeches have in them, one section says it suffered and other section says it is suffering. At the end hoping that both the states will prosper and let the Telugu race usher.