Finally there is some movement over the resumption of banned News Channels in Telangana. The issue had reached Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) and the tribunal opined that there is no reason or notion for disconnecting the signals of those News channels. The tribunal directed the Telangana state government and Multi-System Operators (MSOs) to resume transmission of the channels without any delay.

The TDSAT termed the blacklisting of the News Channel as against the interest of lawful business practices. T-MSOs on the other side informed the tribunal that violence may break in against them as people in the Telangana do not want to watch these channels. The tribunal had taken this view seriously and clarified that in such case the offenders should be punished but not the broadcaster. The TDSAT also directed the Home Secretary of Telangana and Hyderabad Police to ensure necessary protection to the Telangana MSOs. TV9 had only approached the tribunal over the ban but the authority clarified that the verdict will be extended to all the channels that are banned on the same grounds.