Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Jai Samayikya Andhra party has announced its symbol for the upcoming elections. ‘Slippers’ will be the symbol of the party. The symbol was unveiled by Kiran Kumar Reddy himself in the Atma Gaurava Sabha of the party in Vishakapatnam a short while ago. The party leaders have called for people to slap the parties who supported the state bifurcation with the ‘slippers’ (voting for Jai Samayikya Andhra Party).

Kiran Kumar Reddy announced the party’s agenda and objectives from the dais of the party’s first outdoor meeting in Rajahmundry last week. Kiran Kumar Reddy and the party leaders are disappointed by the response for the party as there are no joinings in to the party. Also the announcement of actor Pawan Kalyan’s party totally overshadowed Jai Samayikya Andhra party and it is struggling to be in the news and public memory.