Chandrababu Naidu, Rahul Gandhi, TDP, CongressTDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu caused a stir in the National Politics the other day. Naidu has met Congress president Rahul Gandhi in Delhi. Both of them told media that they are going to work together to save the nation from the tyrant rule of BJP. Naidu who is known to be a master strategist has played a key role in the National politics previously. While the buzz about this new alliance is increasing in the National media, surveys have erupted out of Nowhere.

These surveys predict that the BJP led NDA government is all set to return to power for the second time while Congress will fall short once again even though it improved its Tally from 2014 elections. The Surveys also predict that Naidu is Losing Andhra Pradesh comprehensively. They also predicted that the alliance of TDP and Congress in Telangana will be of no use.

The media houses which gave away the surveys are known to be Pro BJP and TDP leaders and Cader suspect that the surveys are intentionally planted so as to hit the Morale of TDP as well as the Congress. This will also confuse the parties which may be tempted to join this front. Both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are known to be the Masters of such political strategies. They suspect this might be one of those.

Even though the TDP supporters put up a brave face, a major chunk of supporters are still not very sure of the success or the purpose of this Alliance. Even as BJP’s Graph is rapidly falling down, Congress has to do a lot of catching up if they have to return to Power in 2019. From 40 odd seats in 2014, it will.not be as easy and the allies will once again play a crucial role.