Nara_Lokesh_RojaRoja had finally realized her dream of becoming a minister. But the actress-turned-politician is running through a rough patch ever since then.

In all the surveys (both by the ruling party and the Opposition) in the last two years, Roja is clearly trailing in Nagari. Jagan made her the minister to expect a change but things are only becoming worse.

The other day, CM Jagan conducted a review meeting with all the MLAs and incharges. There are reports that Jagan gave a dressing about Roja’s degrading performance and asked her to get active in the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

On the same day, Nara Lokesh is doing Padayatra in her Nagari constituency. Lokesh hurled severe corruption allegations at Roja and also, there is massive attendance for his Padayatra and roadshows in the constituency.

Jagan reportedly was angry with Roja on both issues.

Roja retaliated to Lokesh’s criticism by talking to the media and the pressure is clearly visible on her face. The usual rage and glee which we see on her face are absent this time.

Roja fought for Nagari ticket in TDP but was refused. She shifted to YSR Congress and finally became MLA twice. But her form seems to be on a decline ever since she is in power.