Survey: Facebook Dharmavaram MLA Facing Tough Times?Those who extensively use Facebook are very familiar with Dharmavaram MLA, Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy. Kethireddy makes the best use of social media in the entire state.

He organizes a program called ‘Good morning Dharmavaram’. He will tour a village of his constituency and interact with the people of the constituency directly.

He listens to the pleas while instantly offering solutions to them using the officials around him.

While some people are very impressed with him, a few allege that the show is staged.

Keeping aside that, there are reports that Kethireddy is facing tough times in the constituency.

A couple of surveys commissioned by the ruling party itself in the last few months projected that Kethireddy is likely to lose the upcoming elections.

TDP is getting stronger here and there are reports in the constituency that Paritala Sriram will be the party’s candidate. Sriram is already campaigning in the constituency.

In 2019, TDP candidate Vardapuram Suri (Gonguntla Suryanarayana) lost to Kethireddy here and joined BJP after the elections.

Rumors in the constituency are Suri is trying to get back to TDP before the elections.