Survey: YCP Restricted To 35-40 Seats In 2024YS Jagan-led YCP government stormed to power with 151 MLA seats in 2019. But going by the latest reports, the party will be facing a tough time ahead in 2024, given the negativity and anti-incumbency.

As per the latest report from Andhra Prabha, “The state’s finances are at an all-time low and it is sure to come down heavily on the common public. The freebies schemes aren’t impressing all sections. Small business holders are turning into daily wage workers. The government’s freebie-heavy approach hasn’t helped the majority of the common public.”

A reputed election tracker analyzed the report and stated that “The YCP government‘s freebie heavy approach has led to uneven employment rate and in turn led to the majority of the common public being vexed with the same. There’s a lot of negativity on the ground level. If Nara Lokesh, Chandrababu, and the TDP top brass work well, the YCP will be restricted to 35-40 seats in 2024 in AP.”

Well, the TDP has also upped the ante against the YCP government and the 2024 elections is of historical importance for the Chandrababu-led party, so utmost efforts is for certain. But will they actually be able to restrict YCP to 35-40 seats in 2024? We have to wait and see.