Survey: This Should Worry JaganCongress has lost Punjab in the just-concluded Assembly elections. From the position of ruling the state, the party was just reduced to 18 seats in the 117 seat assembly.

Some of the survey agencies that predicted the result perfectly have revealed their findings on what went wrong for Congress in Punjab. Over 64 percent of farmers were dissatisfied on the account of timely payments of crops.

As a result, Congress lost almost all seats in rural Punjab. This is an issue in Andhra Pradesh as well ever since Jagan came into power. During Chandrababu Naidu’s regime, the money used to be cleared in 20 days.

The payments are now being delayed for several months. We have also seen farmers’ protests at some places demanding the clearance of their payments.

The funds meant for the payments to farmers were often diverted to other freebies and are delayed.

Farmers are very angry because it is their money and they are troubled due to lack of investment for the next crops and other uses.

Jagan should clear this issue at least in the next two years with elections approaching.