Survey: TDP To Gain Big In West GodavariIn the 2014 elections, TDP+ has bagged all the fifteen seats in the West Godavari district. The district played a crucial role in bringing Chandrababu Naidu’s government into AP back then.

But things changed drastically in 2019. TDP just managed to win two seats. The remaining thirteen assembly seats and two Parliament seats went to YSR Congress.

But an internal survey of TDP says the party is gaining big time in the district.

The survey which was done in January and February says TDP will win ten seats if the elections were to happen then. Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena will win one seat (Tadepalligudem).

YSR Congress is placed to win just four seats (Kovvuru, Nidadavole, Achanta, and Unguturu).

If at all, TDP and Janasena contest together, the results will be entirely in favor of the coalition.

The survey says that Kapu and BCs of the district are unanimously against the ruling party now and they will play a crucial role in the change of fortunes.