TDP_Elections_2024Atma Sakshi group had released its new survey for Andhra Pradesh (as on February 17th). The survey gives an edge to Telugu Desam Party with 78 seats while it gives only 63 seats to YSR Congress.

Janasena is likely to get seven seats as per this survey and four of them in East Godavari and the remaining three in West Godavari where the Kapu community is in dominant position.

The survey predicts tight contest in the remaining 27 seats with TDP having edge in 13 seats and YSR Congress in remaining 14 seats.

If we consider the parties winning all the edge seats, TDP will be winning 91 seats while YSR Congress will have 77 seats with Janasena getting seven.

This is no alliance scenario and TDP is already above the halfway mark without any help.

If there is an alliance, we may see astounding numbers. Also, the anti-incumbency will further increase as elections are nearing, so YSR Congress should pull off something from here.