Chandrababu_Naidu_PawanKalyanElections in Andhra Pradesh are fourteen months away. Nara Lokesh already hit the roads with his Yuva Galam Padayatra, Jagan and Pawan Kalyan are also gearing up for Bus Yatras. So, the election mood had already set in.

Atmasakshi Group released its latest survey report. According to this survey, TDP will get 78 seats if it goes alone and if the elections happen now.

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YSR Congress will be confined only to 63 seats while Janasena will win seven seats. There will be a tight fight for 27 more seats and those seats will be the deciding factor.

Eighty-eight is the magic number in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. TDP has to win 10 more seats from these 27 seats for the victory. The equation is easier for TDP than for YSR Congress. YSRCP should win 25 out of the 27 seats.

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If the survey is right, the ruling party usually slides further and the Opposition gains more in the last year. So, TDP may get to the position of winning even if it goes alone in days to come.

The survey opines that victory is Sureshot if TDP and Janasena contest together. The survey gives 110 seats to TDP and Janasena together while there will be a tight fight for 10-12 seats.

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If Left parties join TDP and Janasena, their number will go to 116 while YSR Congress will be confined to just 60 seats and there will be a tight fight in 3-4 seats.

The survey says 57% of the state welcomes the alliance.

They also say voters are not welcoming BJP into the alliance.