TDP Growing in AP on Anti-BJP PlankABP News in association with CSDS gave a Survey ‘Mood of the Nation’ on the occasion of Modi Government completing four years in Power. The survey has given 279 seats to NDA indicating that it will be back to Power but with a reduced mandate.

Incidentally, nine months before 2014 elections, UPA Government also got similar Survey result and so NDA has to be careful in the next one year before the elections. On the other side, the Survey said that TDP is gaining the ground in Andhra Pradesh.

It has said the ruling party has improved when compared to its position January this year which will give us an idea of what is going on in the people’s mind. That means pulling out of NDA and taking an anti-BJP stance seems to be working for TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

As in May 2018, 68% of the people were dissatisfied with Modi Government in AP. Interestingly, it is 52% in January 2018 while just 38% in May 2017 which clearly indicates TDP’s pulling out of NDA has a significant impact on the people of the state.