Municipal elections have taken place in the two Telugu states, today. Former MP, Lagadapati Rajgopal, known for his accurate predictions, has again predicted about the leading parties in these regions. The voting attendance has increased drastically this elections as many new, young voters have casted their votes.

Going by Lagadapati’s predictions, Telugu Desam Party(TDP) is leading in the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions where as, Congress Party is leading in the Telangana region. However, he has denied of speaking about the parties which are in the second positions in the respective regions. As per general assumptions, YRSCP and TRS will be taking those spots.

When asked about which parties must form alliances he has declined to speak over it but has said that whichever parties will be forming alliances must take a decision soon. He has said that the bifurcation issue will have an emotional impact on the minds of the voters but that is just one of the many factors depending on which the elections will go on.

Talking of quitting politics, Lagadapati says that he will lend his support and services to Kiran Kumar Reddy’s party, Jai Samaikyandra Party till elections, but will not return into the political game through that party. Currently, he is concentrating on conducting social activities for the welfare of the people through his foundations. The results of these municipal elections will be out on 7 May, 2014.