chandrababu-naidu-KCRA survey by VDP Associates say that the ruling parties in both the Telugu States continue to dominate even after two years in power. In Andhra Pradesh, TDP is conveniently at the top with 44%. YSR Congress is at second with 37%. Things did not seem to have changed very much in two years even though TDP gained marginally. BJP slid to the bottom of the table with 2% while Congress just inched a bit to 7%.

In Telangana, TRS further consolidated its position taking away a whopping 52% votes share, which indicates the party is growing strength to strength after 2014 elections. The main opposition Congress Party managed to secure its second place with 20%. BJP shows no improvement with 9% while TDP (TS) further slid down to a paltry 5%.

The survey indicates that both the ruling parties managed to keep the people happy. The alliance of TDP and BJP seem to be liability to both the parties in their own ways. In Telangana, BJP do not have any use with TDP (TS) while in Andhra Pradesh, BJP seem to be a threat to TDP if it goes on with the same insensitive approach to the state.