Survey: Janasena's Chances In 2024 Elections It is more or less confirmed that TDP and Janasena are going together in 2024. The only question that remains is if or not BJP is joining them. There are discussions already about seat-sharing between them.

Janasainiks expectations are somewhere between 50-75 seats and some are going to the extent of imagining Pawan Kalyan as the Chief Minister candidate of the alliance. A recent survey paints the ground reality of the party.

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Janasena is capable of influencing the results in 52 constituencies. These constituencies are spread majorly from Vishakapatnam to Guntur.

The party has a sizeable presence in only half a dozen constituencies in three districts of Rayalaseema. In the remaining districts, the party is struggling.

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In the 52 constituencies we are talking about, Janasena has real chances of winning only in six constituencies, and that too they are not in a decisive position there but have very good chances.

In the remaining 46 constituencies, their votes can influence the chances of TDP and YSR Congress. If at all, TDP gives all these 52 constituencies to Janasena, there is a danger of YSR Congress taking a majority in the remaining 42 constituencies.

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That will ruin the chances of TDP as well and so, it makes no sense to give so many seats to Janasena. Even though it may sound disappointing to Janasainiks, it is very unrealistic to expect more than 15-20 seats in the alliance.

For Janasena, it is important to take fewer seats and win most of them instead of taking too many and struggling.