Survey: Jagan's Popularity Falls DrasticallyIt looks like Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is on slippery turf. As he inches to the completion of his third year in power, Jagan seems to be losing popularity with the voters of the state. This has been established by the India Today Mood of the Nation Opinion poll.

In the most popular Chief Ministers in the Home State category, Jagan is not even in the Top-9. The survey did not reveal the other rankings. But the last on the list, Ashok Gehlot got 44.9%. That means Jagan’s popularity should be less than that. Jagan’s rank can be tenth or twentieth, we do not know.

This is a survey conducted in December and in January, we have seen Jagan Government in even bigger trouble with the Government employees hitting the streets. It looks like the coming days are going to be tough for the Chief Minister. A similar scenario applies for Telangana Chief Minister KCR as well who also missed out in the Top-9.

With the anti-incumbency of the second term and an aggressive BJP baying for his blood, KCR definitely has problems to ponder.