TDP_FlagsThe election fever is already catching up in Andhra Pradesh much before the 2024 election campaigning. All the prominent parties in the state are locked into war-like mode already.

As per the latest survey report analysed by noted senior politician, Gone Prakash, TDP will easily come back to power in 2024.

Reportedly, TDP has gained a lot more paces in the Rayalaseema region than what they did in 2019 where the party won just 3 MLA seats. The CBN-led party is on course to win as many as 31 seats in the region this time around, which will greatly boost the party’s prospects.

If TDP contests on its own, the party could be winning over 87 seats in AP, which is enough to form the government. The TDP is in a position to come back to power on its own.

In case there’s an alliance, then the party could be winning over 120 MLA seats with clean sweeps or utter domination in the Godavari districts, Nellore, and other key segments.

This really is a catalyst for TDP cadre which has already been raring to get back in top gear with Nara Lokesh’s Pada Yatra from the 27th of this month.