Surprise Raids On Celebrity Farmhouses PubsOn Friday night, the Cyberabad Special Operations Team made sudden raids on 16 pubs in Madhapur. Two pubs, Bird Box and Hot Cup, were found violating the rules by supplying alcohol to minors.

The team arrested four persons, M Pavan Kumar, Adithya Thamang, P Arjun, and Vamshi Vardhan, including their owners and managers, on charges of allowing customers below the legally permissible age and also running a business without a valid license.

To curb illegal activities on the outskirts of Hyderabad, 32 celebrity farmhouses were raided recently by the Special Operations Teams (SOTs) with the help of Cyberabad police for illegal supply of liquor and organizing gambling.

On receiving a tip-off, the police conducted surprise checking at 32 locations in the Moinabad, Shamshabad, and Medchal areas and booked cases against the anti-social activities carried out in them.

Bigg Boss farmhouse in Moinabad, Jahangir Dream Valley, The Ripplez farmhouse in Shamshabad, and Govardhan Reddy’s farmhouse in Medchal are the farmhouses that were found to be indulging in anti-social activities like gambling and illegal supply of liquor.