ABK Prasad, Supreme Court Questions ABK Prasad, Supreme Court Questions Journalist ABK Prasad, Supreme Court Questions Sakshi Journalist ABK Prasad, Supreme Court Questions Senior Journalist ABK PrasadSenior Journalist ABK Prasad is famous for his editorials in Sakshi Newspaper. He is an expert in spewing venom on TDP and Chandrababu Naidu. His articles are examples of how journalism can stoop to new lows when it is combined with Personal Vendetta. ABK Prasad filed a PIL against Amaravati the other day and Supreme Court rejected it.

During the hearing, the court asked if the petitioner filed the petition on the behalf of farmers who gave their lands or refusing to give their lands to Amaravati. The petitioner’s counsel replied that he approached the court as a journalist. Then the court asked a straight question “What is your interest in this?”.

And on expected lines, there is no answer for that. The Supreme Court clarified that the PIL can not be taken into consideration and they would see when farmers come to the court. The petitioners also brought to the notice of the court bringing in Singapore companies for Amaravati without Center’s permission. “Are you trying to stop the Capital Construction?,” the court asked.