Amaravati, Amaravati Construction Scam, Supreme CourtAmaravati Construction Scam, Ap Capital Amaravati Construction Scam, Andhra Pradesh Capital Amaravati Construction ScamIn what can be termed as fillip to Andhra Pradesh government, Supreme Court today slashed a petition filed alleging wrong-doings in Amaravati Construction. Senior Journalist ABK Prasad filed this petition asking the Apex Court to direct CBI investigation in to the alleged scams involved in Amaravati Construction.

“Why are you trying to stop when a Capital is being constructed? Will you decide where Capital is to be built?,” angrily questioned the petitioner’s Laywer. The Lawyer asked permission for the court to submit additional information regarding their allegations but Supreme rejected that and dismissed the claim.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has embarked on a International range Capital City Constrution. However some vested interests are trying their level best to stop the construction with some political leaders backdoor support. They are fighting a proxy war through cases in courts and Green Tribunal.