YS-Vivekananda-Reddy-Murder-Case-Supreme-Court-TelanganaThe Supreme Court expressed impatience on the investigation of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case. The Apex Court asked the CBI how long they will investigate this case.

A bench comprising Justice MR Shah said that the report has only about political malice.

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“If you go on with this, those behind the murder will never be punished. The CBI should go into the main reasons for the murder and the motives behind it,” the court said.

“Change the investigating officer or appoint another officer. The current investigation officer can continue,” the court said sharply. The bench adjourned the further hearing on this to the 29th of this month.

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It will be a crucial development in this case if the investigation officer is changed or if another officer is appointed.

We have seen YSR Congress and the accused making allegations against the investigation officer. Private cases were also filed to trouble Ram Singh. That very much indicates the accused are not happy with Ram Singh.

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If he is changed or if a new investigation officer is brought in above him, we do not know if Ram Singh can prevail and if the case can move in the right direction.

The accused in the case will be happier than anyone with this judgment.

The Supreme Court should have taken into consideration that the CBI is up against the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh and so the case is not easy to be completed fast. Only recently, it has been transferred to Telangana. But still, the accused are in important positions.

AP TDP President Atchannaidu previously alleged that CM Jagan hurriedly rushed to Delhi in the middle of the Budget session to save Avinash Reddy. “Jagan remembers Delhi when CBI takes a step forward in Viveka’s case,” Atchannaidu said back then.