Supreme Court Appointed Committee Takes KCR's WayThe Supreme Court-appointed one-man committee of Justice D. M. Dharmadhikari gave a shock to Andhra Pradesh the issue of 1,157 Andhra Pradesh-native employees working in the four power utilities of Telangana. The committee allotted 613 out of the 1157 employees to Andhra Pradesh itself.

It only allotted 50% of the 256 employees who wanted to come to AP from Telangana to each state. Telangana Government relieved 613 employees unilaterally in 2015 and Andhra Pradesh Government refused to absorb them. The Supreme Court intervened and asked both the states to pay their salaries equally.

The committee will now submit the report to the Apex Court. AP Government and employees were apparently disappointed with this judgment. The employee associations claim that Telangana CM KCR influenced the committee to get a favorable report.

It has to be seen if the YSR Congress Government will go for a review in the Apex Court given that CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is maintaining friendly relations with KCR.