Superb Response for Voter Registration on last day!
If you want to cast your vote this election, today is the last day for registration of vote. All the polling stations have facilities to enroll voters today. And the process is going to wind up today evening by 5 PM. People are queuing at the polling station to utilize the last opportunity. In Hyderabad, educated people and working class seem to be more interested this time and are registering their votes.

A booth level officer at Manikonda Panchayati says “Awareness in voters increased very much this time. More people are interested to get their vote and exercise their right. We estimate better voting percentage this election”. It is known that Andhra Pradesh will go to elections on April 30th and May 7th. Election in Telangana region will take place on April 30th while Seema Andhra will cast its vote on May 7th. Elections for Assembly and Parliament will take place simultaneously on the same day.