Post the people mandate and victories, the victorious candidates met the press to thank people. Pawan Kalyan too met media as part of this process and thanked the people of Andhra Pradesh for choosing the leaders wisely. Pawan Kalyan once again clarified that he did not do all that he did for the NDA and its allies (TDP) anticipating any kind of posts or any such benefits and that he backed them purely because he believed in them.

The actor was in his elements after a long time and interacted very happily with the press answering all their questions. He joked, smiled and clarified all their doubts. Some of the important points he highlighted was that he would be for sure contesting the elections in the next term, he said that he is also open to political leaders that wish to join his party if he feels that they can do something good to the people.

He jokingly said that he would go on ‘pada yatra’ if such situation arises provided he is allowed. On building his party he said that he will do it step by step as he is only one individual who has to look after the entire building of the party and it will take time so one has to be patient. Finally for the fans of Pawan Kalyan in movies, the actor once again confirmed that he would be doing movies as that are the only source for his income and not politics.

All said and done the actor was visibly super happy and wished both the parties (TDP & TRS) at state level and BJP at center level all the best for their upcoming term.