Vijay-Sai-Reddy-Chandrababu-Naidu-Nara-LokeshThe other day, Eenadu has published a sensational report about the lands acquired by Vijaysai Reddy in and around Vishakapatnam.

This is a report which hits YSR Congress‘s Number 2 below the belt and also, exposes the fake love of the party over Vishakapatnam.

In the wake of YSR Congress trying to politicize the issue of Amaravati Farmers Padayatra, Ramoji Rao has given a perfect issue to counter the Ruling Party.

But the response of the TDP leadership is totally shocking. There are no Pressmeets or pressure on YSR Congress on this crucial issue.

Neither the top leadership nor the spokespersons responded to it. It is as if Sunday is a holiday for TDP headquarters. Chandrababu and Lokesh did not address the Press as well.

Forget about a Pressmeet, they did not even tweet about the issue. There were four tweets from both their accounts.

One tweet is about Valmiki Jayanthi and the other is about Milad-Un-Nabi wishes. There are two more tweets about AP being unsafe for women quoting some News Report.

These tweets have been posted between 12 and 12.15 PM as if someone of the team members scheduled them on their weekly-off. This type of attitude is truly shocking and is not expected from the Opposition Party.

At the time of writing this article, there is no response yet and if they did not respond today as well, it will be even more shocking.

This is the biggest opportunity for the Opposition with elections fast approaching. The way it is let down poses serious questions about the Opposition’s lack of commitment.