Sujana Chowdary Calls Naidu's Dharma Poratam as Adharma PoratamSujana Chowdary who last left Vijayawada a month ago as TDP MP came back today as a BJP MP and leader. After criticizing him severely for the last couple of years, BJP leaders have accorded a warm welcome to him in Vijayawada and also arranged a felicitation program. Speaking at the meeting, Sujana made some interesting comments.

“What TDP did back then are Adharma Poratams in the name of Dharma Poratams. Back then, I opposed them severely but the party leadership did not listen. I could not condemn them in public as a disciplined party worker. In the last four years, no state got better support from the center than Andhra Pradesh,” Sujana Chowdary said.

“It is stunning to see the respect Modi has got for India from the rest of the countries in the World. I played a crucial role in the stitching the alliance between TDP and BJP in 2014 elections. This time BJP should come to Power on its own in the coming elections,” the former Union Minister added.

Sujana has been the eyes and ears of Chandrababu Naidu. After cases by Income Tax, ED, and CBI, Sujana felt it is too risky to be on the other side of Narendra Modi and so joined BJP. He even ensured that the Parliamentary Party of TDP is merged into BJP.