YS_Sunitha_Reddy_YS_Vivekanada_MurderThe YS Viveka murder case is one of the most talked about topics in Telugu circles these days. And more so, given that the CBI has started firmly tighten the screws around YS Avinash Reddy and his father Bhaskar Reddy.

On the occasion of Viveka’s Vardanthi today, his daughter, Sunitha, who fought for CBI investigation on the case and succeeded, spoke with the media and made a set of interesting comments.

“People should know who killed my father. A few people are trying to influence the investigation, but I have delivered the facts to the CBI. I know I’m pointing fingers at my family members but I can’t spare anyone with this murder” Sunitha said,

Adding further, Sunitha said “A few people spoke lightly about the murder. They said such murders are common in Kadapa and Kurnool areas. But how can I let someone go for killing my father? I am sure that the CBI investigation will definitely point the cuplrits and they will be duly punished.”