Pawan Kalyan Abhishekam

Pawan Kalyan enjoys a crazy bunch of huge fan base and they are just unbelievable sometimes just like this. Also, social media is unbelievable sometimes for making stuff like these viral.

We do not know what logic these guys were using to justify the abhishekam that they are doing to Pawan Kalyan’s photo but watch.

So they are doing this to show their gratitude to their Janasenani for inspiring the Telangana police and the officials to go ahead and encounter the accused four men in Disha’s rape-murder case. They were all in praise of Pawan giving credit for the thought of this encounter all over the video.

Well, we know them, they say anything like their leader but what happened to the people on social media who made the video of 101 coconut water abhishekam for PK viral? That too for an illogical matter? Strange.