Strange: The Only Hero Jagan Cares For!It Is known that a Tollywood delegation, including Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and others met with AP CM YS Jagan very recently. Today, AP cinematography minister, Perni Nani made an interesting comment that doesn’t directly refer to the above mentioned meeting but most certainly raises doubts about the nature of the same.

Speaking with media today, Perni Nani said “Prior to Akhanda’s release, the film’s producers met with me. Even Balakrishna came in touch through the phone and asked for appointment to meet Jagan. When I took it up to Jagan he said it wouldn’t be right for Balakrishna to come down to meet him just for the film’s purpose. He said it would dent his character and asked us to do whatever is needed to facilitate the film.”

Now, Nani’s speech is going viral on social media. In this context, a few netizens are commenting “Balakrishna is a TDP MLA and he is a relative of Chandrababu. Given the heated political climate in AP, it is a far-fetch to say Balakrishna would even meet Jagan, let alone for a film’s purpose. Moreover why would Jagan miss the opportunity to meet Balakrishna and later rub it in the face of TDP in a bid to deplete the morale of the party followers. Nani’s comment isn’t all that convincing.”

Either way, if Jagan is so very concerned about Balakrishna’s character, didn’t he think about the same aspect before calling Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, and Prabhas for a meeting? Is Balakrishna the only hero Jagan cares about? This is another argument on social media.