Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi Telangana Financial Help, Narendra Modi Telangana Funds Release, Narendra Modi Funds Telangana Projects It is more or less confirmed that Narendra Modi-led Central government will not help Andhra Pradesh in any way and the divorce with TDP is just now a matter of time. On the other side, Narendra Modi is visiting Telangana for the first time in two years and it has to be seen if Telangana gets a better deal from Modi.

Narendra Modi is coming to Telangana on August 7th will be having a busy day here. He will be inaugurating KCR’s Mission Bhageeradha which is a game changer scheme at least in its motive. We will have to see if Narendra Modi happens to announce something big from the center to fund KCR’s ambitious plans here.

However, one thing should be remembered here. Narendra Modi’s Amaravati visit for laying the foundation stone for the capital also caused similar excitement but all that Modi gave to Andhra Pradesh is mud from Parliament and water from Yamuna River. So, Telangana people and the government will have their expectations in check.

On the other side, Telangana BJP unit is already approaching BJP high command with requests to ensure the Prime Minister do not shower praises or gifts to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao as it will hamper their growth in the newest state of the country. Let us see what Modi has in store!