Narendra Modi feet

The new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is setting up different trends in administration and party affairs. It was a common practice in BJP for the young politicians to touch the feet of Senior leaders and seek their blessings. However Modi called for to stop touching his feet or any senior leader and instead work hard to prove their mettle. It is said that Modi calls the feet touch practices as a penchant of dynasty politics like Gandhi family and other regional parties headed by family hierarchy.

Modi had been on instructing spree to his new team. He even asked the MPs not to speak with media on national issues and deal them politely. Modi had earlier also instructed all his ministers not to have their relatives as personal staff and asked them to get on to Twitter and Facebook. He even told them to reach out to the people and invite new ideas. Modi is also coming up with deadline system in administration. In the every letter he writes to a ministry or a bureaucrat regarding a task, he is fixing a deadline and asking them to submit report within the time.