drunk and drive telanganaDespite extensive awareness programs against Drunk Driving, some things just do not change. The cases continue to be in thousands. During the New Year celebrations, the police conducted drunk and drive checks within the three police commissionerates in the city to check the tipplers.

A total of 3,146 drunk and drive cases were registered under the three commissionerates, the police said. 1,258 cases were registered in Hyderabad Commissionerate, 1,528 in Cyberabad Commissionerate, and 360 in Rachakonda Commissionerate.

Police conducted inspections with 265 teams under the purview of these commissionerates. Everyone is aware that Police will be very strict on the 31st night and there will be checks at the end of every street in the city, yet the violations happen and the cases are booked.

Luckily, no major mishaps have happened. The irony is that the Government has allowed wine shops, bars, and pubs to function until 1 AM on January 1st.