Stage 2 Warning Sign About AP Financial Condition!Any indication of a government doing badly is cutting down the welfare schemes. But then, the government often tries not to cut down the welfare schemes, instead, they cut down the beneficiaries of the schemes. That means the schemes will be on paper but the burden will be less.

It is happening in Andhra Pradesh now. If struggling to pay salaries on time is stage 1, this is stage 2. Media reports say the Government is focused on removing White Ration Card for around 90,000 Government employees across the thirteen districts of the state.

According to the rules, criminal action can also be initiated on these employees. A majority of these are the Ward and Village Secretariat employees appointed by Jagan Mohan Reddy Government. The Government is unlikely to initiate criminal action for obvious reasons but then, the cards are likely to be canceled.

“Very soon we will see this happening with all welfare schemes in Andhra Pradesh,” the Opposition says.