Spoof Ad on Kanhaiya goes viralIn recent times Kanhaiya Kumar’s name has emerged in many contexts, none of which include TV commercials. However, this time the President of JNU Students’ Union has even managed that. His speeches on ‘azadi’ are really catching on, even prompting several advertisements and raps.

The popularity that comes with the term ‘azadi’ nowadays, ever since Kanhaiya used it, is being utilized by other brands and parties.

The latest example is a hilarious Yatra.com ad which even features a Kanhaiya look-alike. The man in question is at an airport in the commercial and is saying out loud Kanhaiya’s ‘azadi’ slogan just to get himself a window seat. The video ad started spreading via a facebook post but soon got viral. Raghu Bhat, the mastermind behind the ad, even admitted that all the fame came from the word ‘azadi’ popularized by Kanhaiya.