After passing in the Lok Sabha, the T bill is having trouble getting approved in the Rajya Sabha. BJP has questioned the government over the problems that Seemandhra will face in the coming years and has asked for a dependable solution.

Sonia Gandhi has announced that Seemandhra will be considered as a special category state and will have an exemption in tax for the coming 5 years. In the past, Uttharakand was awarded the status of special category state and it has flourished from then.

One more thing BJP demanded was to give special powers to the newly formed Seemandhra in order to stabilize it. Apart from these, there are still more issues that are to be solved by the government in order to give the people of Seemandhra a fair chance.

Many parties are claiming that the bill is defective and it requires more amendments to pass the Rajya Sabha. The government is slowly trying to solve the problems by according Seemandhra a special status.