Special-Status-is-Not-BJP-Biggest-Enemy-in-Andhra-PradeshThe special Status issue is suddenly burning in Andhra Pradesh with all the political parties in election mood all of sudden. All the parties fighting in their own way on the issue but all pointing blame towards the BJP led Central Government with the only difference in the intensity according to their own political motives.

Even as all the political parties are on fire, it is not known what is going on in the minds of the people about the issue. But the political analysis by a Survey agency reveals that the popularity of Modi Government is at the all-time low in Andhra Pradesh.

But then, more than the Special Status issue, it is due to the severe cash crunch in the state. The ATMs have dried up and banks are helpless. The agrarian society is in deep distress with no cash available for agriculture works. Rural AP is mostly based on Agriculture.

Things have gone from bad to worse even after years of the demonetization and there are no signs of redemption. Things are not any different in other South states as well. Telangana is also equally bad like Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka is a bit better with RBI pumping cash there since elections are around the corner.