Special Status For AP: What Is Happening?The Union Home Ministry has taken a crucial decision by setting up a three-member committee on the issues of partition of Telugu states. The committee will be headed by Home Ministry Joint Secretary Ashish Kumar. Ramakrishna Rao from Telangana and SS Rawat from AP will participate in the meeting.

The Committee members will discuss disputes between the two states. The Union Home Ministry said the tripartite committee would meet every month. The first meeting will be held on the 17th of this month at 11 am via video conference. Special Status is one of the agendas in the meeting.

Social media is abuzz with YSR Congress social media teams trying to credit Chief Minister Jagan for this development. Political experts say that this is a premature celebration. The center many times on the floor of Parliament clarified that Special Status is not possible for AP. There is no reason to revisit the decision, they believe.

“Formation of the committee is certainly a welcoming trend as there are many pending issues between both the states. But Special Status is quite unlikely and the Center has asked both the Governments to submit agendas for the meeting. AP has put up Special Status as a part of its agenda. That does not mean Center will grant it,” they say.