Special Status And Steel Plant: YSRCP Same To Same!With the Union government ruling out any chances to relook the proposal to privatize the Vishaka Steel plant, a large number of VSP employees, workers, and representatives of trade unions have been protesting in Delhi and political parties have been extending their solidarity.

YSR Congress have gone not once but twice and extended their support. YSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy spoke at length at how the Privatization should be stopped if necessary by going to the court. But this has evoked negative response on social media.

“All this solidarity extension is fine but what is the state government doing to stop the Privatization? Except for writing 2-3 letters, nothing substantial has happened. The NDA government is dependent on YSR congress to pass key bills in Rajya Sabha and it could have used that as bargain chip,” they say.

“Probably the Ruling party will remain as mute spectator like how it has in the issue of Special Status after all the tall claims before 2019 elections,” they add.

Let us see if the state government pulls off anything in the last minute to stop the Privatization.