Sonia gandhi to bring Master Strategist Prashant Kishore  to counter KCRCongress Party is reduced to Zero in AP after the state bifurcation and ended up as main opposition party in Telangana. But still Telangana is the biggest disappointment for Sonia Gandhi as the party hoped that giving Telangana would bring it to power in the newest state but that did not happen.

On the other side, even after two years of elections, Congress has no signs of redemption and KCR is looking unstoppable. Sonia Gandhi is reportedly deploying Prashant Kishore to steady Congress ship in the state. Prashant Kishore is a back door strategist and is instrumental in winning Bihar elections for JD(U) and friends.

We are said that Prashant Kishore already started his work behind the doors. Very soon, the Congress unit will undergo a shake up according to his inputs. We will have to see if Prashant Kishore’s strategies will be able to counter the mighty KCR and bring Congress back to power in the newest state of the country.