Sonia Gandhi’s Courageous Announcement From Telangana Soil

Sonia-Gandhi's-Courageous-Announcement-From-Telangana-SoilTelangana Congress has kickstarted its Election Campaign with a massive Public Meeting in Medchal attended by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Congress Leaders seems to have worked well in congregating big crowds and the entire area was bustling with energy.

This is the first visit of Sonia Gandhi to Telangana after granting the Separate State. In her address, Sonia announced that Congress Party is committed to give Special Status to Andhra Pradesh of the party is voted to Power. This declaration has come as a total surprise to the Political Experts because it takes immense courage to announce a massive freebie standing on the soil of Telangana.

The announcement may be made targeting the Settlers but carries the danger of TRS using the issue against Congress with the Telangana Native People. But then it has to be seen if TRS will use that given that it will irk the Settlers who form the majority in the GHMC Area. GHMC can be the deciding factor in this elections with the reports of Interior Telangana getting divided between both the parties.

This announcement will also bring acceptability to the alliance of TDP and Congress. Sonia Gandhi’s assurance of Special Status to Andhra Pradesh will be the basis of the alliance and Chandrababu Naidu’s campaign in Telangana with Rahul Gandhi. Convinced TDP Voterbase will also mean better vote transfer between both the parties. So, this is a well thought move by Congress which is expected to pay dividends.

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