Sonia and Rahul to tour Telangana!

AICC President Sonia Gandhi and AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi will be touring Telangana as a part of their election campaign. Rahul Gandhi’s tour is confirmed on April 13th while Sonia Gandhi will visit on 16th. They are expected to address Public meeting in at least six places. They will be asking Telangana people to vote for Congress as they had sacrificed their poll prospects in Seema Andhra region to grant separate Telangana statehood.

Congress feel the party failed derive the benefit of granting Telangana state. They are desperately hoping to come power in the state and also the 17 Parliament seats in the region are crucial for Congress for a remote chance of forming government once again at the Center. If Congress was to lose this time, it will have a huge impact on Rahul Gandhi’s political career who is the unofficial Prime Ministerial candidate for the UPA this time.