Somu Veerraju To Retire From Active Politics?Somu Veerraju‘s two-year term as Andhra Pradesh BJP President has ended. The party high command is yet to take a call about the extension or the new appointment.

There are rumors that Veerraju may be replaced by some other leader as BJP tasted bitter defeat in all the by-elections under him.

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BJP high command do not want a failed leader to lead the party into the 2024 elections. Somu is hopeful to get an extension since there is no proper replacement.

In case he is not given an extended, the senior leader does not have any hopes of getting nominated positions.

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Usually, when senior leaders are not given extension in such crucial positions, BJP makes them Rajya Sabha MPs, and Governors or takes them into the National Party.

But then, BJP would not want to waste such posts on leaders of a state where the party has no future. So, it is unlikely that Veerraju will be rehabilitated anywhere. In such a scenario, Veerraju is planning to retire from active politics.

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