Somu Veerraju comes back for revenge on Chandrababu!With the news of possible break-up of TDP and BJP doing rounds, TDP is relatively silent on the issue as always and state BJP leaders led by Somu Veerraju are storming on the Chief Minister and the government. Veerraju at an event in Tirupati today, fired on the state government alleging that they are hijacking Central schemes and keeping Chandrababu’s name to them.

Veerraju went on to claim that Center is aiding Capital Construction more than the state government. He also announced that BJP will conduct meetings and distribute pamphlets about Center’s help to the state. Buzz is that BJP high command is keen on appointing Somu Veerraju as the party president.

The announcement about it may come at any time. Somu’s appointment will mean that a divorce is definitely on cards. This break-up is likely to create a new wave in politics of both the Telugu States. It can also change the dimensions of Telangana politics with new parters coming up.