Somu Veerraju Proved More Intelligent Than Pawan Kalyan?There was a crucial meeting between the Top Brass of Janasena and BJP last evening. They have discussed who will contest in the upcoming Badwel elections. The final decision is not announced but it has been decided that Janasena will contest.

It looks BJP once again proved to be an intelligent partner in this alliance. Tirupati is a better ground for Janasena to contest due to the decisive Balija population. But BJP was hellbent on taking the seat and finally, it has ended up losing the deposit.

Badvel is in Chief Minister Jagan’s native district. Both Janasena and BJP are weak here. BJP has decided to leave the seat to Janasena now. If Janasena loses deposit here, BJP’s Tirupati shame will be erased and both the parties will become equals in the alliance.

In the 2019 elections, BJP and Janasena’s partner – BSP have contested in Badvel and lost their deposits. BSP polled less than 1% votes and BJP had got less than 0.5% votes.