Om Swami Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Getting Lap Dance Bikini-CladCan you imagine a self-proclaimed Swamiji getting a lap dance from a bikini-clad model in the sleaziest way possible? Ex-Contestant of ‘Big Boss 10’ Swami Om is that Swamiji who got a lap dance from model Anam Khan.

After watching the sleazy lap dance video, one is going regret watching the video. This sleazy and bizarre video is going viral online and making us wonder why they had used a devotional song ‘Chal Sanyasi Mandir Mein’ for this disgusting lap dance.

In the video, model Anam Khan sporting a lingerie kind of bikini is seen seducing the godman who is in deep meditation. It’s not real meditation as Swami Om was seen surrounded by cameraman ho were present for shooting the lap dance anecdote.