GHMC Elections Pawan KalyanCadre is very important for the popularity of any political party. This is very much important for the parties in Opposition. The cadre will be kept charged with various programs when in the Opposition and by seriously contesting elections.

That is the reason why even Left parties contest elections even though they know they can not win. Whatever meager cadre they have work for the election and the contest ensures that they are not lost. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has been ignoring this principle ever since he is into politics.

In Andhra Pradesh, Janasena at least contested in the 2019 elections but it is not the case in Telangana. The party contested only a few MP seats in the last elections and Pawan Kalyan did not even campaign for the candidates. Janasena will have supporters and some voters everywhere in both the Telugu States thanks to Pawan Kalyan’s film popularity.

Pawan Kalyan can use it to widen his vote base. Telangana area has a huge number of Pawan Kalyan fans. In fact, it is the strongest area for Pawan Kalyan in the film trade. GHMC elections would have been ideal to make an effort and push Janasena into Telangana politics.

Now, the party supporters would have to vote for BJP or stay at home. BJP is making a serious attempt to polarize the youth in the name of Religion and the Janasena supporters may sway to that side. There will be no other election until the next Assembly elections which means Janasena can not evaluate its strength in Telangana.

Pawan Kalyan had failed to convince the people of Andhra Pradesh that he is a serious politician and as a result, lost the election badly. Contesting this election will also send a signal to them about his seriousness but that is lost as well. In all possible ways, skipping the GHMC elections is a bad decision by Pawan Kalyan.