Six Months in Power, Jagan Sets A Dangerous Precedent YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has completed Six Months in Power. And this six months have been in news for all sorts of Wrong Reasons. Jagan is focusing on Two Things: Rolling out freebies to the People and Resorting to Vendetta Politics on Chandrababu Naidu.

Welfare Schemes have become a part and parcel of Telugu States and we can not find fault with them totally. But at some stage, the Populism is getting mindless with the only goal of appeasing the Voter base. The other day, Jagan announced 15000 Per Annum to Kapu women and something like Stipend is given to the highly educated lawyers as well.

We do not even if the Chief Minister can explain the rationale about giving such Sops. The Second Part is Vendetta Politics. Usually, Vendetta Politics is like defections etc which do not affect the state but Jagan has tried something very dangerous. He wants to corner Chandrababu legally and in the process, reversing everything done by the previous Regime.

Reviewing of PPAs frightened the investors across the globe. Not even a single new investment has come to the state. Freebies without Wealth Generation is simply mindless. The intensity of the decision can be understood by the fact even the Central Government which hates Chandrababu to the core did not want Jagan going that way. Polavaram was halted in the name of Reverse Tendering.

The claims of 600 Crore Savings are nothing when compared to the delay of the benefits to the farmers as the Project deadline is extended by another year. Praja Vedika is razed down wasting the Public Money while illegal Private constructions continue to thrive. Capital works are stalled with farmers who gave lands are left in a lurch. The Sand Crisis like never before killed the people and halted the constructions. If the coming Chief Ministers follow the precedent set by Jagan, it will be very dangerous. So-far, there is not even a hint of development when it comes to attracting industries and generating revenues. AP is a debt ridden state without capital, dolling out only freebies will hurt the state further!